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Welcome to Logrite Tools


Welcome to the Official Home of LogRite® Tools

We are the originators of aluminum handled logging and woodworking tools. We are the innovators of a whole new class of ultra high quality logging tools. Our aluminum handled tools are stronger, lighter and safer to use than the traditional wood handle models. We engineered our tools to work better and not to break under normal usage. Our tools are designed to increase employee safety, reduce downtime and liability. Our tools are used daily at sawmills, woodlots and construction sites.

LogRite is also the manufacturer of the most ergonomic and useful tools for low impact operations with minimal ground disturbance, clean logs for portable sawmilling. We also manufacture great tools for adding value to your timber stands with pruning and thinning.

Our tools are the only ones of their kind in the industry. They are built to be the finest money can buy. We believe in continuous improvement and use lean manufacturing techniques. We are proud to say our tools are built in the USA.

New product additions

Arborwear Apron Chap

Arborwear Apron Style Chainsaw Chaps

Arborwear Calf Wrap Chap

Arborwear Calf Wrap Style Chainsaw Chaps

Arborwear Chaps Replacement Strap Set

Arborwear Chaps Replacement Strap Set


Best Sellers

BTS Hauler

BTS Hauler is a modular hand truck and brush cart unit.

Junior Arch

Junior Arch is the most indispensable back saving tool. Junior can pick up and carry any straight section of log from 4" to 16" in diameter weighing up to 1000 pounds

Fetching Arch

Our most versatile arch in the 2 foot diameter and 1 ton category!

30" Hookaroon

24" LogRite Tools Hookaroon

60" cant hook

This cant hook offers an extra foot of leverage and a bigger hook for moving big logs easily. Will grip 10" - 36" diameter log.


'Tis the season for firewood

All Terrain Dump Trailer

All Terrain Dump Trailer

6" universal log stand

The 6" universal log stand attaches to LogRite's 42", 48" or 60" Cant Hooks or Peaveys.

Steel Sawbuck 1500

The LogRite Tools Steel Sawbuck 1500 is a heavy duty tool. It supports up to 1500 lbs to make the heaviest logs easy to cut.

36" Hookaroon

36" LogRite Tools Hookaroon


Rite Leg Co. Featured Items

Alissa's Bar Stool

A simple concave curved leg design. Three legged so it is always level, never rocks! Height 28" Also available in 22" and 32" heights.

Alissa's Bar Legs

A simple concave curved leg design. Makes a great bar or high top table. Height 40"

Alissa's Bench Leg

A simple concave curved leg design. Height 17".

Alissa's End Table Leg

A simple concave curved leg in the front and a straight leg in the back. Leg height 19".

Alissa's Stool

A simple concave curved leg design. Three legged so it is always level, never rocks! Height 16"

Alissa's Table Leg

A simple concave curved design. Height 28"

Anne's Table Leg

Queen Anne style table leg. Leg height 28".

Danielle's Half Leg

Designed to stand against a wall. The front leg is curved and the back leg is straight. Height 40".

Danielle's Bar Stool

A retro industrial style stool. Height 28" tall. Also available in 22" height.

Danielle's Bench Leg

A retro industrial style bench leg. Height 17".

Danielle's Bar Legs

A retro industrial style convex curved leg. Makes a great bar or high top table. Height 40".

Danielle's Counter Leg

A curvy wall mounted counter leg. Height 40"


Blue Creeper Featured Items

Precision Oiler

1 oz Precision Oiler of Bluecreeper

8 oz Refill

8 oz Refill Bottle of Bluecreeper

16 oz Refill

16 oz Refill Bottle of Bluecreeper

16 oz Sprayer

16 oz Spray Bottle of Bluecreeper

Bluecreeper Gallon

Gallon of Bluecreeper

Bluecreeper Value Pack

Bluecreeper Value Pack, contains 2 Precision Oilers and an 8 oz Refill

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