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Please review the following for information about our company.

Company Address

LogRite Tools LLC is located at the following address:

LogRite Tools LLC
60 Industrial Park Road
Vernon, Connecticut 06066
United States

Company Contact Information

LogRite Tools LLC can be contacted via telephone at 1-800-631-4791, or via email by clicking the link below:

About LogRite Tools

     Kevin, who was a manufacturing engineer, operated a portable sawmill as a hobby. When he found himself without a job because of corporate downsizing in 2002, he decided to turn his milling hobby into a job. He took his portable sawmill and went on the road. This went well as long as his wooden cant hooks held up. Finding himself continually unable to work because of broken handles, Kevin decided to make his own handles. He experimented with several different handle materials until he found just the right one. Kevin began making tools in his garage. One or two at first, causing the sawmill to lie idle. When he began to manufacture his tools for different sawmill and chainsaw manufacturers, his volume increased and required him to look for another location. So after working in his garage for about a year, he sold his portable sawmill business and moved his growing cant hook business to a bigger facility in a local industrial park.

     LogRite continued to grow and in 2006 acquired Future Forestry. The arches were a great addition to LogRite's existing product line.

     LogRite continues to offer a full line of log handling tools, the finest money can buy. Kevin still likes to flex his engineering talents and continues to improve and design new products.

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