ATV Arch

ATV Arch
The ATV arch is a tough, light structure designed to move logs. It is easy for one man to use. It can be used behind an ATV, Gator, riding lawn mower or pick up truck.

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ATV Arch

By: Greg in MI on 11/02/2015 09:21:29 AM

Hello, I just wanted to give you a brief update on my ATV Arch. Like any customer I tried doing my research to see what my options were. I thought, like many I am sure, that I might be able to build an arch or have a local shop make one but quickly found out some of the many pitfalls of going that route. You folks have been in the business of making these for quite a while and I think you make the best one on the market. You truly do get what you pay for in this case. The ATV Arch you make is top quality. The welds, powder coat (glad you were able to get mine made black for me-thanks), winch, wheels and tires are all the best. I requested that it be outfitted with a synthetic rope and have found it to work very well and would buy it that way again. One slight difficulty I encountered was the rope slipping over the front snatch block and then tightening up on the bolt; I almost had to cut the line to free it but by using a 6' pry bar I was able to free it. I am working in fairly wet ground and at times I have to winch my 4 wheeler, a 700 Grizzly, but (other than watching the width) the tires have excellent flotation even with a very heavy load. I underestimated my personal abilities on how many times I could lift the Arch during a day. My next birthday will give me a 7 in front of the digits and I can't do everything I used to so I get tuckered out faster than I used to. I try to work smarter rather than harder but working in my terrain doesn't allow me to back up to a log very much so I have to frequently man-handle the Arch into position. Once there it is a pleasure to winch it up into position for the ride back to the landing. Last but certainly not least I sure did appreciate the personal attention you gave me as a customer. It says a lot for Logrite as to how you deal with one customer who has a bunch of questions and probably is a pain in the backside. You answered all of my questions and gave me many shipping options to help me minimize my costs as much as possible. All of that helped make the sale of the Arch. While I probably won't buy another Arch I will certainly look at your other products in a different light and will recommend you to other people that are looking for an Arch. I attached a photo of one of the first trees I took down, a 28" white pine that had died last year. I tried hauling one of the sections as a 17' piece. The arch handled it fine but I couldn't get enough traction with my ATV in the wet ground and ended up cutting it in half in the middle of my pull. I don't do Facebook so couldn't post this there but would have if I had been able and I tried putting it on your web site and gave up there too. So if you want to please post this where others can see it. I give you folks 5 Stars in all categories.


By: Atv Log Arch on 04/27/2015 04:29:39 PM

I am the proud owner of a Logrite Atv Arch. First of all I am completely impressed. Finally a tool that works! I have had my arch for about a week now and am completely satisfied. I have hauled about 30 logs home from the back yard. I am using a 350 cc Yamaha to do the work. This is the first time in 4 years that I have not double handled my firewood. The paint on the arch is nice and thick. It appears to resist scratches well. I am not afraid to drive right through the picker bushes with this unit. Its simply rock solid. The winch is no disappointment either. Thank you Logrite for building a quality product!!!!!!!

ATV Arch

By: Walt on 07/08/2014 01:11:29 PM

There are times when you make a purchase and you look back and feel the price was too high for what you got, or the item didn't function as well as advertised etc. Then there are times when you know you made a great purchase and the item exceeds your expectations. Well, that's the way it is with my ATV arch. Several years ago I used one of your cant hooks and thought it was a great product, so I bought one about a year ago for myself. When I purchased my WoodMizer mill, I ordered one of your arches from them at the same time. I know WoodMizer would not be a dealer for your products if it wasn't quality stuff to begin with. Well, I've put the arch to the test, both behind a tractor and a four wheeler. It performs great! I was getting up some logs over the weekend where some tree service professionals were taking down some trees. They couldn't believe what I could do with your arch, cant hook, a trailer and some home built ramps to load the logs. When I was done, I loaded the four wheeler in the truck, threw the arch on the back of the trailer, bound the whole thing down and off I went. I've pulled up some huge logs, with the arch, using a tractor as well. Thanks for the great product and keep up the good work.

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