Buck Arch

Buck Arch

The Logrite Buck Arch is a big version of the Junior. It is as easy to use as the Junior but offers more log capacity and features.

  • Log Capacity: 22" diameter
  • Length Capacity: 16' fully suspended when using by hand
  • Length Capacity: 10' fully suspended when towing
  • Weight Capacity: 1800 pounds
  • Tire Size: 50/30 X 12 outside diameter
  • Tongs: 25"

Buck Arch hand package dimension diagram

Buck Arch tow package dimension diagram

Reviews and Ratings

Buck Arch

By: Craig S on 08/23/2013 11:56:12 AM

I was amazed how easily my wife and I moved around 11 ft, 16 inch diameter logs. You and your crew build a very high quality product. I was impressed with the fit of the handles and pins. Everything fits with almost no slop yet it slides together easily.


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