30" Hookaroon

30" Hookaroon
30" Hookaroon
30" Hookaroon
The 30" hookaroon is great for pulling slabs off the sawmill, at the firewood processor or moving firewood around. Extends your reach and keeps your hands out of areas they shouldn't be!

The bright blue handle is easy to see around a sawmill or woodlot. The heat treated, zinc plated point is built to last. The textured rubber grip is easy to hold.
Our Price: $58.00

Reviews and Ratings

30" Hookeroon

By: David on 02/08/2015 07:16:21 PM

This tool is absolutely fantastic. I have used it to pick up wood off the ground and can attest that it is definitely a back saver. It is light, easy to use, and works very well. The black rubber handle is longer than is pictured in the photo. Mine measures 15 3/4", which not only provides a good no-slip grip, but is great for using the tool in cold weather. My only complaint, and I hope the Logrite folks read this, is that the handle cross-section is round. As such, it does not index in the hand when initially grasped (i.e., you'll have to check to make sure it's pointed correctly before use). My suggestion is to flatten the grip area of the shaft slightly to create an oval shape. This would make the tool substantially more efficient. Many thanks to Logrite for making this fine product.


By: Dan in Southeast PA on 07/28/2014 10:32:57 AM

I love my Logrite hookaroon! On two separate occasions I have had professional sawyers give their impressions of this tool. They both admitted they had seen them and never thought much of them. After each days work they exclaimed that they were without a doubt going to get one.

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