Junior Arch

Junior Arch
Junior Arch
Junior Arch
Junior is the most indispensable back saving tool. Junior can pick up and carry any straight section of log from 4" to 16" in diameter weighing up to 1000 pounds and is able to fully suspend a 16' log by grabbing its midpoint or just beyond. By applying Junior at the midpoint of the log, the entire log weight is on the wheels and the effort to move, turn or position the log is minimal.
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Junior Arch

By: john N on 06/30/2017 07:56:20 AM

Dear Logrite, I have been using different logging tools for over four decades due to my affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America. Last year I was browsing YouTube and came across your company and the products you offer. I was extremely impressed and looked forward to buying one of your products. Well, two months ago I retired and rather then take a vacation or squander my hard earned money I decided to purchase your Logrite Junior Arch. I ordered it from Sheldon Hills Forrestry Supplies and received my arch the next day. I brought the Arch upstate to my property where I assembled it and tested it out. I can't begin to tell you how impressed I was with the performance, the design and the fit and finish of this wonderful product. I am a amateur machinist and can tell when a product is well thought out and well made... The Junior arch is outstanding in every respect. I was so impressed I even made a review video on YouTube entitled "Logrite Junior Arch Review". https://youtu.be/omU9i57fDdE I am looking forward to my next purchase from your company and want to thank you for offering a line of non-compromising products that are built to last! All the best! John N in NY.

Junior arch

By: Dave in NH on 06/16/2015 12:30:17 PM

Just wanted to thank you. Have been using the junior arch behind my Kubota as a trailing axle for a couple of years now, works great. Thank you for a quality product that just does what it is supposed to :)

Junior Arch

By: Steve in Australia on 06/10/2014 09:05:49 AM

In a nutshell, a very well designed and put-together piece of equipment, worth every cent I paid to have it shipped halfway around the world. It does everything I expected, and I haven't even got the full hang of it yet. Many thanks for great service and the great product.

Junior Arch

By: Martid53 on 07/31/2013 08:28:45 AM

I use junior as a tag axle removing logs from the forest behind my tractor. I bought the sling to use pulling out bunches of smaller trees/branches that the grapple had trouble grabbing. Happy to say it works great. Another winner for LogRite

Junior Arch

By: Ed on 07/31/2013 08:20:08 AM

One thing I love about mine is that I can just pick it up and carry it over a bunch of brush or something that would be tough to pull it through or over. I tend to leave my extension handle hanging from a limb somewhere.

Junior Arch

By: Dave & Ginny from NH on 12/27/2012 12:19:12 PM

I have now been using the Junior Arch I purchased from Logrite for several months, and it was time to send you a note just to let you know how happy I am with it. I use it as an axle behind my little Kubota when pulling wood out, and it works great. The front of the log is off the ground using the 3 point hitch , back of log off the ground using the arch. And, since the town just re-paved the road, they would probably frown on me dragging tree trunks up the hill on the asphalt. With the Junior Arch, no issue. I did think at the time of purchase it was a bit pricey, but this is certainly a "get what you pay for" item. Many thanks for designing and fabricating such a high quality product. It will likely outlast me!

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