60" Xtreme Duty Peavey

60" Xtreme Duty Peavey
60" Xtreme Duty Peavey
60" Xtreme Duty Peavey

This 60" Peavey is the same size as the PV060 but built with a heavier aluminum handle for moving those extra heavy logs in extreme applications. These tools have a 1.75" diameter, reinforced handle for the biggest logs.

Our Price: $145.00

Reviews and Ratings

Great Tool

By: Brian on 02/12/2015 11:39:24 AM

Amazing quality. This tool is a game changer and lets me do things I just couldn't do before. I would not recommend the extreme duty for normal use and I somewhat regret not going for the 72 inch cant hook version with the extra leverage for moving my big logs and a more nimble 48 inch normal duty for smaller logs. I thought the 72 would be overkill and I might be able to use the 60 for normal use as well. I have wooden cant hooks 36 and 48 but they are beautiful antiques and I don't feel comfortable pulling hard on them. I don't have huge diameter logs but I deal with long lengths of 20+ feet so the logs are quite heavy. With the 60 inch version even though I weigh 200 lbs I had to sit on the end of the handle and push upwards against another tree to lift the last log onto the log jack (which felt dangerous) so an extra 12 inches of leverage would have been very welcome. I thought the extreme duty was overkill and that the 72 would be ridiculous but I was wrong, I needed it. Had the tree not been conveniently located I would not have been able to lift it. This is one of the best tools I own and I really appreciate that somebody out there is making a quality product that will last eons and not the usual junk. Can't recommend it more highly.


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