Lynnette from MN writes:  Love Blue Creeper! I first bought it because it was highly recommended by others who restore and use vintage and antique sewing machines. I now use it exclusively around the house and the garage. For me it replaced WD40 and Royal Purple. Blue Creeper for the win!

Dennis from CT writes:  I highly recommend Bluecreeper to anyone who maintains or fixes things.  I have been using Bluecreeper regularly for about 2 years on my truck and sawmill business equipment. So far,  one or just a few applications have loosened anything I've encountered that was stuck because of corrosion. My latest use just the other day,  was to free up a hinge tensioning the up/down motor on my 14 year old sawmill.  The belt from this motor was not tensioning properly, because the hinge on which the motor was hanging would scarcely move.  I could not take this hinge apart, because I couldn't turn the 6” long, 1/4” bolt running its length.  I saw that if I tried to turn this bolt I would break it, and go into a repair that would probably cost more than a hundred dollars and put me out of business for a week. I had no alternative but to be patient, and see if Bluecreeper would save me.  Over an hour, using only a dozen or so drops from the little needle bottle,  I made three applications at the ends and the two available places along the length of the hinge.   The next day, when I remembered to check it, the hinge motion and belt tension was completely restored, and a repair was no longer necessary.  I have several of the little needle applicator bottles in my vehicle, garage, shop and kitchen, and a couple of other refill bottles, and have given the the little bottles as gifts to friends and family.  I also use Bluecreeper when drilling and cutting threads in rusty metal.  JUST GET ONE OF THE LITTLE BOTTLES AND TRY IT!

Joe from CT writes: 
Started using Bluecreeper around the shop about 8-10 months ago after having used an aerosol type penetrating oil for years prior. A lot of my techs were skeptical at first wondering how such a little bottle could do anything close to what their beloved aerosol cans could do. Well after a couple days of use they were sold. The needle applicator is perfect for getting BC where you need it as opposed to everywhere else around where you need it. Less wasted product and more productivity. We use this product on all rusty engine components, seized suspension/steering components, and to service our own tow fleet. We had several ratchet straps in a bin ready to be tossed due to rust/age but figured we'd give BC a shot on them, a couple drops and a few minutes later and they were working like new and back on our tow trucks for regular service. A huge time and money saver all around and for those us in the automotive industry we know how important that can be. All in all BC is an excellent product and has earned a permanent home in our shop.

Dana from the Forestry Forum writes:
  I use Bluecreeper all around the farm, from door hinges to stuck brake cables on the tractors, rusted bolts , sticking lock keys, throttle cables and rusted tools. I really like the needle applicator just put a few drops where needed and wait a while. A great product.

Dan from NY writes:  Found Bluecreeper on the Forestry Forum.  Living in the great Northeast salt and rust on your vehicles are a fact of life.  I have tried all sorts of lubes and rust breakers.  Far and away BC is the best very best.  Goes on well and penetrates quickly to loosen the cruddiest fasteners.  BC also works great as a lubricant for all kinds of applications.  Forget the spray cans and get BC and get working.

Scott from NC writes: I have been using Bluecreeper and its predecessor Rust Reaper for over 8 years at my business and on my farm.  It is the best penetrating oil that I have found (and when you live on a farm you use a lot of penetrating oils!)  We've used PB Blaster, Kroil, Marvel Mystery Oil, WD40, Liquid Wrench - out of all of these products Bluecreeper is the best.  It has been used to loosen sheared bolts on heavy equipment, lubricate moving parts on sawmill equipment, free up rusted bolts on ancient disc harrows - you name it!  In addition to its great functionality, it smells good too.

Megan from Michigan writes:  The farm I work on in Southwest Michigan bought a 1950s AllCrop combine last year to try harvesting grain with.  The entire machine was rusted from top to bottom.  In order to get it in working order a lot of pieces had to be readjusted to different settings, or removed in order to be replaced.  Bluecreeper worked it's magic and helped loosen up old bolts that hadn't moved in half a century!  My coworkers were commenting on how easy and efficient the precision applicator made the whole process (no product wasted and easy to get places around hard to reach corners).  The combine will be harvesting wheat again in a few weeks time!

Damian from PA writes:  We used blue creeper to unstick and unclog old fuel injectors on some 6-71 Detroit Diesels. The diesel engines/generators were left setting for a long while with water and old fuel in the lines. It gummed them up to the point the rack would not move. After taking the injectors out, soaking and pumping blue creeper thru them, they freed up. It was still a take apart job, but they are working fine now. So, in all, saved us about sixteen hundred dollars plus downtime costs over all. As a side light, we left the blue creeper in the injectors for the first cold start for priming and lube. Engines started right up on blue creeper.

Ray from ME writes: I was trying to get a plastic leaf rake handle out of the rake. It would not come out. Can't really bang on the plastic part. I gave it a treatment of The Blue and let it sit for a few minutes. I grabbed on to the rake and gave it a twist and it started to move. Off it came!! Rake is just like a new one again.

Skip from CT writes:
 Bluecreeper is great at loosening rusted bolts on vehicles.  We have a 17 year old car which constantly needs new parts and with Bluecreeper it makes taking off the old parts much easier without breaking bolts.  I even used Bluecreeper to free up a set screw on my kitchen sink handle.  It worked great without the mess by using the needle applicator.

Dave from NEMO (New England Mini Owners Club) said: 
he noticed Bluecreeper's creeping ability, Bluecreeper creeps in further.  After applying Bluecreeper on stuck rusted bolts and freeing them, they would be wet unlike other brands that remained dry.

Mike at MD Automotive in Newfield, NY writes:  We use it often here at the shop. It works better than the spray type penetrating oils we use. If we have a stubborn bolt we put some Creeper on it, let it soak while we do something else, then go back to the stubborn bolt. 

Dale from Ohio said:  If it doesn't move and it should I have used Bluecreeper to solve my problems.  Just last night, I used it to break through over a 100 years of rust and crud.  I was working on a very old black powder gun that hadn't seen the best of care and was locked up tight.  A good soaking and an overnight wait, now I'm holding a free moving unit!

Corinne from Massachusetts said:  I was first introduced to Bluecreeper product a few months back.  I have used it on my awning that had a bad squeak and with just a few small squirts of Bluecreeper the squeak was totally gone.  I have also used it on my little giant ladders and it sure helps to move them from one rung to next  with ease.  Another good place I have used this product on was my outside locks to keep them lubricated through the winter month.  Last week I went to use a pair of pliers that we used a few months ago in the rain and they were never wiped off.  Well low and behold I went to use them and they were so rusted shut I thought I was going to have to toss them out and buy new ones.  Then tada I though of Bluecreeper and put a few tiny drops and instantly I was able to open and shut the pliers just like they were brand new.  I will always keep this product on hand because it works GREAT!

Logrite loved Rust Reaper so much that we bought the company. But don't take our word for it, here is a list of testimonials for Rust Reaper. Soon Bluecreeper will have its own testimonial page. So be sure to let us know how Bluecreeper worked for you.

Bernie from Nebraska said: Thanks for letting us represent Rust Reaper as a dealer/distributor. Rust Reaper has become an almost indispensable tool for everyone who uses it, impressive to get a product that does as advertised! Best penetrant/lubricant we've tried!

A user from Washington, when reordering a Value Package said: "my nephew who works for Art Morrison Inc. a frame and suspension builder in Fife Washington told me to use kroil to dismantle my 38 chev panel. I googled kroil and the first on list said Better Than Kroil. So I called and got the owner at rust reaper and ordered. This same order completely dismantled the 38 with few bolts refusing to come apart. Thanks Dorlin"

Salvaging a stuck engine on an Allis Chalmers WC road grader, a user from Idaho said that he freed the engine by using one-half cup of Rust Reaper per cylinder in two weekly applications. After that it broke loose and it "runs great". He just ordered another gallon for his neighbor!

Max said: “In just two days, Rust Reaper has saved me more than twice as much as I paid for it. It renewed a set of box joint pliers which I was thinking of replacing because of the ravages of time spent in my tackle box and tool storage. They are now working as smooth as silk and the towel I used to clean them up probably cost me more than the small amount of your product I used to free the joints. I was also planning to replace a set of windshield wipers on my commuting car due to streaking. But I applied Rust Reaper to the spring-loaded hinge joint on the wiper motor shaft, and suddenly, the wipers are working perfectly again! I'm reminded of the old BrylCream advertisement, "A little dab 'll do ya!" I have found a product that is going to retire my supply of WD-40. Thanks much!”

"I use this around my farm and store...everywhere you would use a maintenance lubricant. That little bottle fits right in my shirt pocket. Send me some more...." from a user in Ohio.

A user from Minnesota said that he had tried every product out there and that Rust Reaper was the "best by far."

A rebuilder had some 10-32 attaching screws on a starter core that would not come out. After trying his old stand-bys, he used some Rust Reaper that he had recently received. Within two minutes, two of the screws were out and the other took another treatment and was out one-half hour later. "This is some good stuff!"

Vernon wrote: "Thank you very much for the Rust Reaper. I like the way it works."

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for making a fantastic product! I had an older set of "Vice-Grip" locking pliers. They had been my late grandfather's, and as such, they were valuable to me. They had been left outside at his house for several years and were rusted solid. I'd had them for 8+ years and tried just about everything short of a cutting torch on them when I saw someone recommend your product. I found your website, and read the customer reviews with a fair bit of skepticism...After all, I'd tried every Name-brand oil & rust breaker on the market..all to no avail. But your site gave me hope, I ordered a small sampling of Rust Reaper to try on the pliers. It arrived quickly and I retrieved the old rusty pliers. A few drops at all of the pivot points and an anxious night waiting for the results... The next day I picked up the pliers, and saw that the rust was all liquid around all of the pivots. It was still stiff, but then it broke lose! For the first time in 15+ years it is a set of pliers again! Thank

You! Mark

A user in Michigan reported: My son used Rust Reaper on the rear lug nuts on a Ford 2000 tractor. He let it set a little while and they came right off. I used it to free a stuck engine on an Allis Chalmers B. I am ready for another two gallons.

Mike: I had a Mansfield anti siphon outside faucet that wouldn't start up this spring. I understood there was a spring in the mechanism with which they had a problem. I took it apart, worked Rust Reaper into the spring/sliding area and it worked fine. It only took a little bit.

Peter:I used it on the crank windows in my house that would barely move. Rust Reaper got them going like new. And, I still have some left from my first bottle!

Chuck: “I used this on a badly rusted bolt and nut that had been in a coolant sump tank. I put some Rust Reaper on threads and noticed it crept right in. A little while later, it came right apart.” He explained, “then I used it on the barrel of a micrometer that was sticking and it immediately freed up.” “Rust Reaper is better than WD or Kroil.”

Ryan: Just wanted to drop you a quick line and say what a great product you have. … I picked up a 1954 Beaver lawn tractor that had not run in 8 to 10 years. The throttle and choke cables were frozen up solid. I took the handy little Rust Reaper bottle with the applicator and went to put some on them. Just as I reached the tractor it started to pour, cats and dogs, I was only able to get a few drops on each cable before I ran inside. When I came out about an hour later after 45 min of good rain BOTH cables were freed up and good as new. I am now a very strong believer in you product and that old blue and yellow spray can has been moved to the backs shelf and Rust Reaper has taken its place.

Thanks for such a great product.

Ron:"I just freed up another "frozen" lock with it. The locks work like new after a shot of "the Reeper". I have numerous locks on landowner client gates which may sit a long time and become "frozen" with time and weather. It was always a chore messing with a "frozen"lock. I now carry some Rust Reeper in my truck's glove compartment and with a shot of Rust Reeper the locks free with ease and work like new.

A user from Virginia said:"...For some unknown reason the deadbolt to my basement back door has recently started to lock up all in a matter of two or three days. I could barely get it to turn and I was worried about breaking the key. I couldn't even get the key out without extreme effort. I looked at the key, but didn't see anything obvious that should be binding the lock. I remembered the RustReaper and thought "why not". So I got the little bottle with the needle-like tip, inserted it into the lock and gave it a few squirts. Gave it about 30 seconds to sit, then put the key it. First try it turned like it was brand new. Amazing! I still don't know what was causing the problem it wasn't rust, but the RustReaper worked like a charm. I couldn't be happier.

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